Early Signs That Cancer Is Growing In Your Body

Only regular tests and checks by a doctor are not enough to be perfectly protected from cancer. If there is something wrong inside our body, it will send signs and signals and we should always listen to it.

In this article you will read about which signs you should never ignore, if your body is sending them to you:

1. Having trouble with swallowing – If you have hard time to swallow, it might be due to esophageal or throat cancer but it can even be due to lung cancer.

2. Having changes in the nails – What is a sign of liver cancer is pale and white nails. What is an indicator for lung or liver cancer is ‘’clubbing’’ on the nails.

3. Having irregular and heavy periods – You should make transvaginal ultrasound because it might be due to uterine or endometrial cancer.

4. Having upset stomach – It might be colorectal cancer for the cause of your stomachache.

5. Abdominal and pelvic pain – Ovarian cancer might cause these pains and also leukemia.

6. Fatigue and weakness – You should seek medical help if you are constantly tired.

7. Lumps in the neck and swollen lymph nodes – It might be due to tumor in lymphatic system and that is why you should never ignore it.

8. Shortness of breath and wheezing – This can indicate lung cancer.

9. Having frequent infections and fever – It can indicate leukemia that is why you should never ignore it.

10. Bleeding that won’t stop and excessive bruising – Another sign of leukemia that should not be ignored.

11. Having poor appetite and feeling full for most of the time – This can be indicator for ovarian cancer.

12. Blood in the stool and rectal bleeding – Colorectal cancer might be the reason for this and that is why you will need to seek medical help right away.

13. Red, sore and swollen breast – This can indicate no other but breast cancer. Never ignore changes in your breast, but instead visit a doctor right away.

14. Pain in the lower left side and in the back – This sign can be indicator for many types of cancer such as breast cancer.

15. Changes in the nipples – Another sign of breast cancer are flattened, turned and twisted nipples.

16. Having swelling in the face – Redness, puffiness and swelling on the face might indicate lung cancer.

17. Losing weight without any explanation – This can be indicator for digestive cancers such as colon cancer. But it can be as well indicator for other cancer types that have already spread to the liver.

18. Chest pain and chronic cough – This is common sign for lung cancer and leukemia.

19. Bloating and abdominal weight gain –This can indicate ovarian cancer and that is why you should visit a doctor immediately.

20. Sore lump that does not heal – This can be indicator for skin cancers (there are different types of skin cancer). That is why you should immediately visit a doctor.