Eye-Opening Evidence: Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer

A woman diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma a type of skin cancer has amazingly cured the medical condition using baking soda. Very effective results are observed after her daughter applied a paste of baking soda on her head which was the affected part due to cancer.

The patient was not ready to try this natural remedy until her daughter told her about the writer Azizo who is a follower of natural remedy and has claimed that this method worked well for many cancer victims.

The patient had undergone three major operations for cancer which has made her medical condition worse. Thus, she finally decided to go for the natural remedy which include the combination of baking soda and coconut oil.

It is well known that coconut oil consist of skin cellular regenerative power in it. Thus, she started a gentle application of this paste. She has never even rubbed the area with paste just went for a gentle placement of paste on the affected area.

While using this natural remedy, she continues the intake of some of the conventional medicine like Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics. This medicine helped to keep the skin free from infection and avoid the bacterial attack. Colloidal silver soaked cotton is also one of the solutions.

One should not continue to use the cream when the affected area wounds are closed. Along with the combination of coconut oil and baking soda, she also continues to use the vinegar solution. She applied it using a cotton ball on the affected skin. This method help to penetrate the baking soda into the basal cell carcinoma roots which are present under the skin’s surface. DMSO is also a better solvent for this thing to be achieved

Azizo’s mother continues this treatment for 38 days which helped her to defeat cancer completely. The wound was totally cured. Another deadly skin cancer is Melanoma which continues to spread if left untreated for the longer time.
It is amazing that she used just baking soda which is available in almost all kitchen and is perfectly affordable. While using this treatment, one should go for the baking soda which is free from aluminium.

Baking soda has an amazing property to create an alkaline environment on the skin this help to get rid of tumors as it can exist only in the acidic environment.

Dramatic Life and Death Story

Another story of dramatic life is when Vernon Johnston got to know that he is suffering from prostate cancer stage 3 after some test done in Veteran’s Administration.Unfortunately, he had no money with him and nobody to care as he was divorced. The cancer was spread in the hip region of his body.

After a lot of appointments with doctors and theory his son convinced him to try out a home remedy which will make his body alkaline.

He decided to try the combination of blackstrap molasses and baking soda. The application of blackstrap molasses makes the cancer cells open and more available for the alkaline effect of baking soda. This helps baking soda to kill the tumor cell more quickly.

The treatment went on for 2 weeks after which he went for a scan which indicated that cancer has stopped spreading. His PSA came down from 22 to 5 in just one round of treatment.

Along with the home remedy of baking soda Vernon spend many hours in sunlight and carry on the breathing exercises to increase the oxygen level in the body. He also added many beneficial fruit and vegetables in his diet.

In the book Vernon’s Dance With Cancer: After the Jolt”, Vernon has explained the positive attitude worked well for him. He wrote this book after 5 years of treatment and now also provided lectures on this topic.

He explains that some of the alkaline substances are not that useful to turn your body alkaline. Whereas the acid substance like limes and lemons is very useful to create an alkaline environment in your body. But baking soda is an exception as it is alkaline in nature and make the environment alkaline as well.

One of the renowned personality Dr.Mark Sircus also writes that baking soda is the best remedy against cancer. He has mentioned in book Sodium Bicarbonate – Full Medical Review that baking soda treatment for cancer is very effective and baking soda can be used to treat many medical conditions.

Amazingly one of the former Italian oncology surgeon, who now got into the practice of alternative health treatment, uses baking soda solution for tumors in the form of  an injection in the blood vessels.

As claimed by Dr. Simoncini “No other conventional treatment is as effective as soda bicarbonate or baking soda for anti-fungal action”. He also provides the information that fungus can create cancer and the colonies of the fungus are the perfect place for the faster development of cancer cells. Due to this statement, he lost the physician certification in Italy.

With all this successful recovery story it is confirmed that baking soda should be examined and researched well for it’s anti-fungal properties. Also, it will be great to consider it as an effective method to treat the deadly diseases like cancer and many more.