Diabetes: The Rice You Eat Is Worse Than Sugary Drinks

In a recent research a shocking new has come up regarding the diabetic patient. The research work claimed that rice is the most dangerous ingredient for the diabetic patient.

It is even worsted that the sugary drink and damages your body at high extent.

It is a common suggestion from physicians and researchers to the diabetic patient that they should cut off the sugary drinks from the diet. The sugary drinks are considered as the prime source of obesity and other health diseases.

Also, as compared to Caucasians, the Asians are more predisposed so they do not have to be obese to be at the high risk of health issues.

It is observed in the research that the consumption of starchy white rice increase the risk of high blood sugar level and can lead to diabetes.

Based on the four major studies on the diabetic patient a meta-analysis was conducted. Below are some results of the analysis.

The analysis provided that eating 1 plate of white rice every day increase the risk of development of diabetes by 11% in the overall population.

The analysis also claimed that Australians and Americans consume 5 plate rice a week whereas Asians consume 4 servings of cooked rice a day.

It is difficult for scientists to suggest people to stop eating rice as it is one of the popular and readily available food ingredient in the world. However, one can go for the healthier varieties of rice as a solution on this issue.

It showed that eating 1 plate of white rice on a daily basis raised the risk of developing diabetes by 11% in the overall population.

When it comes to spikes blood sugar, it is shown that long grain white is better as compared to short grain rice.

The increase in the level of sugar in the blood makes pancreas produce more insulin and thus frequent spikes in blood sugar level leads to diabetes.

Some of the scientists are suggesting to add 20% of brown rice to the daily white rice course. This addition is capable of reducing the risk of diabetes by around 16%. The diet specialist suggests that there is no need to completely replace the white rice with other ingredients, but people can increase the intake of whole grain and add brown rice in the diet.

The other side effects of diabetes include blindness, kidney failure and amputations at the severer stage. Dr. Stanley Liew the diabetes expert advised people that they should eat less rice and also reduce the junk food and sodas in their diet as all of this ingredient are equally bad for the health.

So, even if you love to eat rice, just make sure to cut down the quantity of rice consumption. Also, move on the brown rice as a better option for healthy life.