Heal Your Varicose Veins With A Mix Of Aloe Vera, Carrot And Apple Cider Vinegar

Painful and unsightly disorder of varicose veins can be treated well at home. There are many home remedies available to cure varicose veins in no time.

Some of the people go for surgery as an option to get rid of varicose veins. Before you decide to pick up surgery give a try to the natural remedy to treat varicose veins.

How to make a homemade Past to treat varicose veins?
Varicose veins generally appear on the legs due to poor blood circulation, sometimes an enzymatic alteration of the vessel wall leads to a venous insufficiency. In such cases, the blood doesn’t return to the heart properly.

Many times this disorder is a result of a genetic factor but it also can occur due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. In the affected area, the blood stagnates which creates cramping, tingling and also heaviness appears on the skin.

The treatment of varicose veins is focused on improving circulation and preventing clots. The surgery recommended for varicose veins perform the elimination of blood clots from the veins.

But if your varicose veins are not too exaggerated then using a simple homemade cream you can treat the disorder at home. Check out the remedy in detail.

Homemade Recipe
The ingredients required for this homemade mask to treat varicose veins consist of simple stuff which is readily available in your kitchen. The treatment is very affordable as well as effective to relieve the varicose veins in the legs.

Things you need
  1. Carrot- 1
  2. Aloe vera- 3 tbsp
  3. Apple cider vinegar- ½ cup
  1. Take 1 carrot and blend it using a blender to get a smooth paste of it.
  2. Add 3 tbsp of aloe vera gel to the carrot paste. You can also go for the fresh aloe vera pulp from the leaves of aloe vera plant by removing the thorns and stem cover properly.
  3. Now, add ½ cup of apple cider vinegar to the mixture and stir it well to get a semi-thick paste.
  4. Apply this smooth and homogeneous cream from ankles to the calves using your hands. The moment of your hands should favour the circulation in an upwards direction.
  5. Allow the paste to remain on your leg for 30 minutes and later wash your leg with warm water.
  6. Use this remedy every day to improve the blood circulation and remove the clot.
Along with this remedy maintain a balanced diet and do an exercise like walking for ½-1 hour every day.

The homemade mask efficiently treats the varicose veins and provide proper blood circulation in the body.

It also helps to reduce the skin irritation and inflammation caused due to a blood clot. Try this remedy once to get rid of varicose veins naturally!